Monday, January 6, 2014


A highly entertaining animated film. 

When I see an animated film, I am drawn to comparisons with the wonderful PIXAR films. This film takes many clues form those and packs it up nicely and gives a film which is entertaining and nice. I can simply say. it's a nicely done formulaic animated film. It's formulaic coz we have seen such stories, a normal getting acquainted with kids and then going overboard to keep them happy. This reminded me Monsters Inc and even Finding Nemo.

The purpose is different and so is the approach, but the crux remains the same and yes there is wonderful animation to admire. The army of minions is a treat to watch. The films has some wonderful moments too, where we feel something, we root for Gru, the supposed best villain of the planet, voice given by Steve Carell. Also, there are moments of hilarious laughter, cannot simply mention one but many.

Essentially, there is a hero and there is a villain, the hero wins over villain. As simple as that this film can be pigeonholed, yet it gives the humane touch of feeling for one's own kids. A bad human trying to be good with those he loves. These themes are embedded well into a rather cliched script and they make it interesting. Although, I did not die for it, I can safely say I like it, maybe I will not get back to this film, but any kid who would watch this, will more or less appreciate it. But since we are now acquainted so many films that such themes and have great quality. Those aspects might be demeaning this film.

All the way down, I was mostly comparing the film, let me take it as a single film, now I love it. I love many things about this. The detailing of the characters, their brow to legs and even that wonderful story of Gru and the ballet story. Nice, and wow.

Only that since it makes me compare films and lets me down by some bit, I am going with 4/5. This film is surely like able and for a few it may be even wonderful. Perspectives differ, yet the content remains the same.

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