Sunday, January 5, 2014


Indeed it is exhilirating, but above all it is mind boggling and seriously genius.

I am lucky to have seen Charlie Kaufman films. And I love this film as I did many of his other films too. Mind you this film may well boggle the mind literally.

Kaufman's earlier films were all about mind and this one is no different in that aspect. Yet, he merely wrote his earlier films but he took the mantle of direction with this one. Thus, this film is much more tough to decipher or even blatantly comprehend. 

There is lot of symbolism involved as I started to learn more about the film I realise more of it. Example is that the name of the protagonist is Caden Cotard and he feels as if he were dead already and life is a dream. There is in actuality a Cotard delusion. 

There are many more things that I keep learning as I see this many more times. This is precisely my 5th time I saw and each time I see this there are surprises. Everything is more complicated than I thought. This makes the film interesting and also open for interpretation. 

Kaufman stands to his quality of writing great films and this stands right up along with his finest works. Acting by Philip Seymour Hoffman is great. He plays Caden Cotard with a comfort and clarity as if he has understood all the complications of the character. This is a great testimony of the capacity and capability if this fine actor and I wish that gets the appreciation he deserves. Catherine Keener does a fine job and is so understated. The performances are very poised in this superlative film. 

I am still not confident whether I did comprehend the film in the right way or even if there is one way to interpret or not. I can only say this much they I loved this film and will continue to do so. 

This is a 5/5 for one of the most challenging films ever made. It takes gut and lot of thought to pen it down. Thanks to producers for backing this worthy endeavour. Thanks to Charlie Kaufman above all else.

A special mention to Jon Brion and his music. I am pasting the lyrics of the song "Little Person", this one is one of my favorites.

I'm just a little person
One person in a sea
Of many little people
Who are not aware of me

I do my little job
And live my little life
Eat my little meals
Miss my little kid and wife

And somewhere, maybe someday
Maybe somewhere far away
I'll find a second little person
Who will look at me and say

"I know you
You are the one, I've waited for
Let's have some fun."

Life is precious every minute
And more precious, with you in it
So let's have some fun

We'll take a road trip way out west
You're the one I like the best
I'm glad I've found you
Like hangin' 'round you
You're the one I like the best

Somewhere, maybe someday
Maybe somewhere far away
Somewhere, maybe someday
Maybe somewhere far away
Somewhere, maybe someday
Maybe somewhere far away
I'll meet a second little person 
And we'll go out and play

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