Sunday, September 30, 2012


This is an adventure film and perhaps one of the best.

Indiana Jones, the archaeology professor takes us on an adventure and lets us know about things that we never knew. I am not sure if they ever existed but as along as I am on fun ride, I am pretty happy with the fiction element of the ride. And this one is a fun ride and good one too. Having said that, I still can't say if it still has the charm of 1981 (rather I saw it first time in 2002) but as I saw it today, it made a fun ride. 

Thanks to Harrison Ford for carrying the style and flamboyance needed and to Steven Spielberg and George Lucan and team who made this INDY possible. It's an adventure of 1930's and art direction and cinematography are superb. The music which has now became a signature tune even to film awards in India is gonna stay with us for a long time. 

Some film makers have claimed this film to be changing their mind and pulling them into films, example Nagesh Kukunoor. So the impact of the film is understandable and yet is extensive. The special effects are nowhere when compared to what we have today, but it was made but what was there in 1981 and boy, I must say it will stand better than many special effects films even 100 years later. 

The best thing probably is the setup, there is a dialogue initially to help us understand what is the purpose of the adventure and then once the adventure rolls in, we are put aback by thrills and stunts and more than anything, the enigma of a charismatic man called Indiana Jones.

I would go with 4/5 and recommend it to all those adventure and fun loving guys. And for all the parents, your kids will love this film more than the recent crap films like JOURNEY or anything. I strongly believe this.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Those days were nice
With few innocent and some wise
Now, there are women too many
And men much more
But gone is the innocence and wisdom
That was there before
Now, the days are of fear
Fear of losing one’s self
Of losing gold and money from the shelf
Of losing power and respect
Of being a victim, culprit or suspect
For that undone crime
Thus, I pray in silence
That please come back days of wisdom
And of glorious innocence

Thursday, September 20, 2012


‘Wake up, you brat’ you squealed this morn
That did jolt me but didn't make me forlorn
For, your squeal is still so lovely
As if a song of the spring makes the flowers blossom

‘Go and fetch water’, you yelled at me
I did go for you, my love,
Coz in your yelling, you smiled at me
Before you turned back towards the stove

‘Keep the car ready’, you screamed again
And in haste, I started it
You knew I can’t make you late
To meet your lover, so I slept and dreamed again


 A very important and a highly realistic film that is a must watch.

It took time to settle down, after I watched it. It did something to me, something I can't say much about. It made me feel uncomfortable, though there is no violence of even one discomforting scene, it did make me feel a little untruthful and left me with a quilt of being dishonest too at times.

It's a film that is realistic all through and thanks to the makers and actors. Oh, so fine realistic acting is something which is rare. And thanks to the director Asghar Farhadi who has given us a film that is very honest in making and in portrayal too. To envision the whole reaction of a character is first, we must be in that character's position to empathise with him/her and then write the emotion. Then get some actor to show us exactly what we need from him. Now Asghar had envisioned the whole of it and did it brilliantly.

It's unbelievably real right form the word go and thanks for the cameraman who has done an outstanding job. Just look at the beginning scene where the couple walk out and we understand that it is a real place and not a set. It's difficult to make films in a country that is typically still fundamental and fanatical like Iran. I don't mean to offend Iran people but I seriously think Iran has to come to terms with freedom of speech and expression. 

Now, the whole film that looks so real is made with a shoe string budget of $25000 that is just nearly 12.5 lakh rupees. How many stories can we tell with such money, very very few. So it's all in writing and planning of execution and that's what this film shows. Casting is greatly done and acting is supreme by the cast.

Yet, above all that, it's honesty that the film is meant with. It's hard to bequeath any emotion that any character underwent in this trial of "A Separation". Editing is supremely done and even as the credits kept on rolling, it made me yearn for more. I wanted to know whom the girl chose, is it the father or the mother. It's a real tough deal to get a whole story being revolved around an accident and then try to make it really engaging. All it takes is good writing and good acting. 'Separation has now I believe deserved all the accolades it has won, and I wish such films to be coming out more from Iran.

A separation is not a film that separates you from it. It's a film that makes you a part of it and engages you as a viewer. I go with 5/5 for great movie that has minimal scenes and characters and still has good writing and acting and camera work that made it the best film of the year. Don't miss an opportunity to watch it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Though short, his nose was long
His voice was too echoed
On road, he was always taking salutes
From those who were in words mellowed
Akin to "Hercules of Odyssey" was he
Then came a beauty in his lane
She was called Jane by those who were sane
She took no notice of him on her move
Becoming insane he followed her
She turned around and said "STUPID"
He held her too close to himself
Yelling in her eyes "CALL ME KEVIN"


An advent of a few moments
Could leave some in joys and some in laments
I learned this well-known truth
After showing a certain degree of Ruth
At a glass window, where there is a lady on the other side
The nerves shall freeze as if you were just frozen the river
The mind is made to be intact with all bothers aside
And to focus on telling the truth of what you have done in career
All one needs to do is say, but that that’s not all
For she is the one who would take a call
To let you go with your own passport
While she can hear your silent cries
Else, she would make you say, “I have Visa Power”
And make you fly into the skies

***Nov 19th, 2009, I got my VISA to the USA. This is when I wrote it on my back from the consulate.


Beneath the sky, aloof from men
I stand here in nature’s abode
Heard of it, spoke of it and now I saw heaven
Tolerance it has, of such mankind’s code
The code of depletion of mighty nature
Of animals, birds and tiny creatures
Who are unable to withstand their stature
Here I stand in nature’s pleasant abode
That, which is home to species plethora
Obscure and at times vague is its way
Yet, it has a light deep within that shows us the way
Abusive nature is that of mankind
Speechless earth stays giving just a glance
"What a fool you are" is what it says

***Wrote this when I was passing through Malshej Ghat at a waterfall in Maharashtra


The Yellows and Greys in the sky, just before twilight. Taken from my home.


On 19th Septh, 2009, this is how the sky was. Taken from my home. 


Taken from my home. This is how sun looks when aperture in F36. This is like those thriller movies.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Followed every girl who came to my eyes
Found something new all the time
To love and cheat there is always a new device
There is love yes, but not that sweet clime

Calling sweet names, sharing smiles
They make it look like they are free from wiles
Yet they know that to find true love
They have to cross many more miles

Each one has a sense of view
That’s different to be called as true
Went into the hills, the dales, and clumsy malls
But hardly could find one single clue
With which I could substantiate the reason
Of the love that is followed by treason


The cutest love story, I have ever seen.

Some love stories are told extravagantly and some are made with simplicity, but this one is made with a cuteness that is really rare. Oh, it does not involve a boy and girl but involves a boy robot called WALL-E and a female robot called EVA. And what do they do apart from falling in love, they make others fall in love with their motherland, the Earth.

It's the first 3D animated short film from PIXAR and the one scene in one which WALL-E and EVA go around the spaceship amidst those stars is just worth all the 3-D effort. Too much of detailing is done and so much hard work is really worth every time. It's not so astonishing that some have called it the best animated movie of all time, but for me, its the cutest love story of all time. The best animated movie still is Monsters Inc.

Now, coming to WALL-E what we have 2 loveable characters against a not so pleasant backdrop. It's the earth of 2805 and now life is not there on Earth, EVA is the life detector sent by humans in space who have now become more of parasites than humans. Those beings have even forgot to walk. Now, this is a serious theme told hilariously. Take that one scene in which WALL - E holds umbrella for EVA which is struck by lightning. Or that beautiful lighter scene. Wow, I am all in love with such details.

Coming to writing, this is authentic writing told in a fable like manner through robots. Nicely done, and the emotions are what is important behind each scene. The storyboard work could have been too tedious with so many details being presented to us. And the music, the song "Down To Earth" is still on my ipod and is one of my favorites too.

This is a time and again watch movie and a sure 5/5 and this one tiny little animation cinema is for long to stay and may well go beyond 2805 A.D. Love WALL E and love EVA.


Let them live their lives
Or let them die and go to hell
Bother not, for those who cannot learn
That money is not the only thing to earn

But how can I, for they are my own
With whom I have together grown
Be not there, when they are in wiles
And walk away father many miles

Yes I agree, humanity is dead
And compassion is no more
Money is their butter and bread
And all they have is gold in store

Gone are good old days
Times are bad for now
Yet I hope, time would teach them ways
And make them learn to earn some love

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Fall again in the same trap
That is nothing but mere crap
Call him again and smile on the phone
Share your pain in a sweet tone
Ask him for love and bring him home
Sink into his arms, splash in the air your love foam
And when you find a better one, take him by the hand
Call him sweet names and make him understand
That he is one whom you waited for all your life
Forget the past, have a blast and become his wife
Oh! No, wait the writing isn’t yet done
For you may still find a better one
With whom you would love to hang out
Given a chance, again want to make out
So keep falling into the same trap
And let the life pass in ‘love then ditch’ crap


I came and conquered all I can
But lost my dream in the dead drug pan
I inspired men and women alike
But within, I had a strong dislike
The pines where I lived, were very old
That had to fade away in the next cold
I had lived my own time with anger and pain
Drenched in heroin marijuana and cocaine
You call me a genius whose efforts shan’t go vain
I call myself a clown with a mind-blown
When many expected me to reach heights
I just pulled myself down

***When I was introduced to 'THE DOORS" and falling in love with it, this is what I head its lead singer JIM MORRISON come and say to me. 

BARFI (2012) - HINDI

It's as fresh as a girl whom you have just met or met her as new as just yesterday, and there is cuteness with beauty.

Few movies are so much good, when they are not much thought of and as audience you just give in to a few things then they make wonders. Now, BARFI mesmerizes with its charm.  

Ranbir Kapoor is Barfi, he is deaf and mute and lovable and innocent but above all, he is simply cute. Priyanka Chopra is Jhilmil she has some autistic problem and is definitely not normal. Ileaana D'Cruz as Shruti is normal but not simple or charming may be sanity takes the wit and charm out. But Ileana is the only aberration as she wears a plastic face.

This is a film, where even before the credits begin to roll or the film begins, we have smiles with the 'Picture Shuru' song. Nicely done by Anurag Basu. The smiles are at every point of the film, or rather most points coz I saw a few having tears at a few moments in this film. Let me not give away the nuances but it's hard not to laugh at a point where she shows his legs to people travelling who saw Priyanka's legs. 

Written competently by Anurag Basu this is had lot many details like those cat and mouse chase with Police Officer or those where tries to get away from Jhilmil. Superb writing and vision helped those scenes come beautifully. Cinematography is good and landscape of Darjeeling is gorgeous. Now, despite all good things, this film belongs to our leads, Priyanka Chopra and the ever growing Ranbir Kapoor. Wow, such nuanced and detailed performances are a delight. I am happy for Ranbir who may bag many awards even this year. There are very few dialogues in this film and it ends being a lost and found game for our Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra). Thus, it begins like a Charlie Chaplin fable and ends like “Gone Baby Gone”. 

The only crib I have is editing which could have made the movie so much better. It's good at the length but 15 minutes to half an hour less, it could have been great. Now, this movie also a lifts a few scenes from other films and weaves them all beautifully to story. So I am happy even if a scenes from "The Notebook", “The City Lights” were adapted or the second half was like “Gone Baby Gone”. 

All in all, I am in love with Barfi and Jhilmil. I go with 4/5 for a movie that's simply the cutest film made in Hindi since a long time.
I give a lot of credit to Ranbir who played Barfi with such marvelous acting that now I dare say 'We have got our own Charlie Chaplin and our Chaplin plays Clint Eastwood too with appropriate degree of flamboyance'.

Go watch it, this is a must watch. I hope all those who will watch this, are going to come out Happily as I certainly did.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I am not in  good state of mind as I write this, it takes time for me to understand myself. My dreams are dying down and days are passing away in quick time. I am living a life of a parasite nearly and now I was jolted by something that happened. When a manger threw me off the team last year just because I overtook him in decision making, I was not bothered, when a girl who said 'I love you' without even seeing me physically, left me without even a proper 'Bye' I am still getting on, when someone hit my car and fell in front of it and just opened his eyes to be alive, I was jolted this is all life bottles down to. A small accident can take away the whole life. I am disturbed by this and am also unhappy for being what I am.

Now, I am ashamed of few things

1) Sharing my salary as it's too very low when I compare even to my peers
2) Sharing my interest of film making or writing to my family relatives as they are deriding me most of the time
3) Revealing to many that I spend my time most when free when I am free just playing some stupid games and skipping the all important delivery in office by doing nothing and also sleeping lazily at home. I waste too much time and few people say, I do too many things, to all those I say "guys, if that is the case, you are not worthy being alive, you are just wasting your time and life"

Now, I am a loser till this day, I tried a few things which did not work, may be cause I did not work with enough passion, but I have grudge on everything more than passion, and this will sure turn me on, I would now be happy if I prove others wrong. I am still a sayer and not a doer, I am going out in few minutes to meet a guy who would be cinematographer of my feauture film.

I say this to myself, enough is enough is enough. On january 13th still if my film is not on floors or out of set, on january 14th I am gonna screw myself. I give up nt myself but my whole life. 120 days time and 2880 hours of life is all I have left with.

Plan is this....this weekend, I need to finsih the shoot of VICTIM short film....I am rewriting POORNIMA and already seeking producers for the same. Get few producers of 35 lakhs in total and put it in porduction. Done with life, else go fuck myself. I am done here. Not happy for now, I am going to prove all others wrong. I am going for 'MY LIFE'

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


After the copyright warning, there is another warning on the DVD. This warning is from Tyler Durden, and is only there for a second. "If you are reading this then this warning is for you. Every word you read of this is useless fine print is another second off your life. Don't you have other things to do? Is your life so empty that you honestly can't think of a better way to spend these moments? Or are you so impressed with authority that you give respect and credence to all who claim it? Do you read everything you're supposed to read? Do you think everything you're supposed to think? Buy what you're told you should want? Get out of your apartment. Meet a member of the opposite sex. Stop the excessive shopping and masturbation. Quit your job. Start a fight. Prove you're alive. If you don't claim your humanity you will become a statistic. You have been warned... Tyler"

Now, what can you say of a movie, that has warning like this. It's just path breaking.

You can never get enough of some movies, and this stands in that list. This is a movie how many times you may watch, you never get bored and you just want more. I am not sure how many times i watched it but it keeps me glued and struck till i get to see the end credits. 

This movie is about what we can be if we truly unleash our potential. Written as a novel by Chuck Palahnuik and adapted to screen by Jim Uhls, the best thing to come out of the writing is Tyler Durden. Brad Pitt played Tyler Durden with a flamboyance that makes the whole character special. Tyler Durden drove the movie and is superbly supplemented in acting by the Narrator, Edward Norton.

David Fincher showed and unleashed the Tyler Durden in him as he took the whole movie to a very high level and without showing much yet, he has told lot many things. The best dialogue of the movie was 

"It's called a "changeover." The movie goes on, and nobody in the audience has any idea."

Now, you can make anything of this movie as you understand it and I will call it a fine piece of cinema if that makes me sit and understand and it did not take me for granted as if I will understand everything. No, give up, stand and fight for your own good, coz this is Fight Club. I loved it and a sure 5/5. 

Kudos to writers and specially David Fincher for adapting it so well.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


When life comes as a full circle
I will meet you on the same street
Where we had a blast at my treat
We shall have a tea at the same stall
While talking music we enthralled
We shall my friend make a start again
Where we thought is the end of all gain
Relieve now and believe in fate
For that would decide till when should we wait,
And when shall life come as a full circle


Seldom, I felt as if born
Mostly, I felt as if torn
For, I was gifted with qualms and abuses
By the world, that always amuses
But I strive even now to unite myself
Into one, by knitting my torn self
Delved into dilemmas many a time
I wonder will they ever be such clime
Where I can be a soul united
That shall live just for a moment delighted


Hmm...It reduced from a great thriller to a simple murder mystery

When I watched it first time a few months earlier, I was in awe of Rooney Mara and the way the whole subject was handled and directed and finally made into a movie. When I watched it today, all my enthusiasm came down to the understanding of a simple murder mystery of a girl who has for some reason been assumed to be killed by someone.

Amidst this murder case, there is a libel case which our hero Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) has lost to Wennerstorm and  this comes back much later just to redeem the lost glory of our hero. Now who does all this is Lisbeth Salander played wonderfully by Roonery Mara, she is a surprise to all those who have not known much about her and her ability. 

All other departments fared well and a special mention to David Fincher and what a movie he has made up. This is a mystery that holds up for long and he does a pretty good job till he held the mystery. Once, we know the murderer is known, he gives away the fun. Also, I am not sure if Wennerstorn was a main plot or a subplot coz he takes up the last 15 mins of film which I don't think was so important and just a glimpse of what happened to him was enough. Having said that, those 15 minutes were important too in establishing the GIRL as one superb woman who can go to any extent to does what she believes in. But she does all of those very unrealistically, can't we just simply bluff so many european officials, I really doubt. 

David Fincher has lost it only at the end apart from which most of it was good, yes cinematography was exceptional and so was the background music, editing should have been so lot better, the same duo who worked for 'The Social Network worked for this and they won an Academy award even for this but I did not like this film's editing though.

If there is any reason for watching this movie then it's Rooney Mara. It's a 3/5 for a good movie that's good as a murder mystery and OK OK for everything else. It just could have been so better had a few moments been cut out.

Note : I did not see the Swedish version, nor did I read the book, I perceived the film as it is, if anyone is offended then please take it easy.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Loneliness seems my only friend
So loyal that it would be there till the end
When I shall lie in the grave in peace
In my soul, it shall make me, please
Whispering in mellowed voice,
‘I am with you still, so to fill
Your empty soul that can’t be killed
I shall accompany even your next life
And ensure that you won’t make anyone your wife’


The barcodes of life are too standard
They are just straight and not wayward
Shall they be changed? is all I ask
If they don’t, then to change them is my only task

Path of thorns is where we all walk
Bed of roses is where we want to sit and talk

The grave is opened for all to sleep
Before which we must have a peep,
Into our own mirror and find what it reflects
If the image is sad, we must know its defects

***Wrote this when I was coding barcodes for credit card statements in my office, thus the name.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


माहिर नही हूँ इतना की तेरी हुस्न का कमाल ज़ाहिर करू
लियाक़त नही ख़ुद मैं इतनी की तेरी नशे का मिसाल अर्ज़ करू
कशिश नही इतनी लफ्जों मैं, की तेरी कशिश बयान करू
नज्म-ए-मोहब्बत न समझो इसे, ये तो युंही लिख दिया हमने
वो नज़्म कभी तो लिखू जिसमे तेरी हर अदा बयान करू


The drops of rain on a bus windowpane
Are making me smile with their dance
Pleasing me so much, that I forget the pain
And wake in me feelings of romance

I try to capture their glory, in my eyes
And tend to feel their message
That is to come and give a smile to some
Before they fade with a fingertip massage


When life is like a stranger
And you are new to it
Would you cry like any other?
Or smile like no one does
Blossom you shall, part from mother
Opening petals of tender eyes
And make a new trial every time
To sit, to crawl
To walk and to fall
To talk, to weep
To smile, to sleep
As days pass by, you grow stronger
And you realize what to hold on
So just be right and keep up the fight
With tight fists for what you believe is right


Oh wow, it flew again and again and again.

It is too fast to decipher on the first go, at least to understand the whole of the dialogue, but it's something you can figure out by the end. On the second viewing, I was happier as I was able to understand and the third and fourth were merrier as I could be looking at the nuances and the fifth was much better as I can now enjoy every moment of it. Wow, what a smart film this one is. It has a pace that never lets you down in screenplay. A dialogue that's sharp and witty. 

Characters that are walking straight out of real life. Of course, Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin are existing. The characterization need not to specifically fabricated or made up, they are how they are. Yes, they are humans so there are flaws which makes us give them a hand and say each one deserves a fair trial. And the whole movie in fact is about realizing who is fair and who is not, even those who are not fair as such are compensated heftily and that's an irony of the system.

So what is it that makes this watch again and again and again, simply put 2 things, one is acting and the other is editing. Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg was one the finest unemotional characters and Jesse did a great job at that, yeah he won so many awards for this portrayal. Editing should be talked about in great detail here, for every scene there is a back and forth and each time we are taken to a new time frame. Yet, it transforms very easily and I must say its as fluid as good poetry. All the appreciation of editing work to Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall. These are completely new names for me till this movie, as it is in this very film that I took a notice of their editing work.

David Fincher just clinches reality makes it look as if we are seeing the whole Facebook story being unfolded and never for a moment lets us slip away. He in all ways possible, must be credited for making out a great movie and extracting such great acting from relatively new actors. But, I am not sure if it’s pure reality, it is fictionalized to make it entertaining and David must be credited for this work to make an entertaining movie. Well, I must say he had one of the finest screenplays written and thanks for Aaron Sorkin for that.

Surely, it’s a modern day tale that is all about the Facebook, but it has themes of betrayal, friendship, envy and surely it is as good as a Shakespearean tale. This so very filled in drama that this becomes more like a suspense thriller, it’s infact like a murder mystery that does not involve any blood, but one is taking the other for a ride just to assassinate his character.

This a must watch movie for all those who are young at heart and have ambition to do something in their own lives. Yes, every success can bring us a lot of true enemies yet we should succeed anyway. A 5/5 for a perfect and well paced movie. It's a drama that thrills The last word is, it can be surely watched repeatedly.

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