Wednesday, September 19, 2012


An advent of a few moments
Could leave some in joys and some in laments
I learned this well-known truth
After showing a certain degree of Ruth
At a glass window, where there is a lady on the other side
The nerves shall freeze as if you were just frozen the river
The mind is made to be intact with all bothers aside
And to focus on telling the truth of what you have done in career
All one needs to do is say, but that that’s not all
For she is the one who would take a call
To let you go with your own passport
While she can hear your silent cries
Else, she would make you say, “I have Visa Power”
And make you fly into the skies

***Nov 19th, 2009, I got my VISA to the USA. This is when I wrote it on my back from the consulate.

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