Thursday, September 20, 2012


 A very important and a highly realistic film that is a must watch.

It took time to settle down, after I watched it. It did something to me, something I can't say much about. It made me feel uncomfortable, though there is no violence of even one discomforting scene, it did make me feel a little untruthful and left me with a quilt of being dishonest too at times.

It's a film that is realistic all through and thanks to the makers and actors. Oh, so fine realistic acting is something which is rare. And thanks to the director Asghar Farhadi who has given us a film that is very honest in making and in portrayal too. To envision the whole reaction of a character is first, we must be in that character's position to empathise with him/her and then write the emotion. Then get some actor to show us exactly what we need from him. Now Asghar had envisioned the whole of it and did it brilliantly.

It's unbelievably real right form the word go and thanks for the cameraman who has done an outstanding job. Just look at the beginning scene where the couple walk out and we understand that it is a real place and not a set. It's difficult to make films in a country that is typically still fundamental and fanatical like Iran. I don't mean to offend Iran people but I seriously think Iran has to come to terms with freedom of speech and expression. 

Now, the whole film that looks so real is made with a shoe string budget of $25000 that is just nearly 12.5 lakh rupees. How many stories can we tell with such money, very very few. So it's all in writing and planning of execution and that's what this film shows. Casting is greatly done and acting is supreme by the cast.

Yet, above all that, it's honesty that the film is meant with. It's hard to bequeath any emotion that any character underwent in this trial of "A Separation". Editing is supremely done and even as the credits kept on rolling, it made me yearn for more. I wanted to know whom the girl chose, is it the father or the mother. It's a real tough deal to get a whole story being revolved around an accident and then try to make it really engaging. All it takes is good writing and good acting. 'Separation has now I believe deserved all the accolades it has won, and I wish such films to be coming out more from Iran.

A separation is not a film that separates you from it. It's a film that makes you a part of it and engages you as a viewer. I go with 5/5 for great movie that has minimal scenes and characters and still has good writing and acting and camera work that made it the best film of the year. Don't miss an opportunity to watch it.

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