Wednesday, December 23, 2015



A terrific book on understanding and transforming habits.

We are made of our habits, this is true. Period. This book encapsulates how our habits can become better and also choose better habits. From waking up to sleeping our life involves a lot of mundane and routine activities and our thought process runs mostly in attending those habits and fulfilling activities for the day.

This book enhances and makes us understand how we can do the same things better and thus become a better person. This book also gives evaluations and in-depth analysis by picking up general habits as an example.

Overall, I felt very gratifying with this book and I hope to incorporate some good things told in this book. Now, more than ever I look forward to the next year. I am planning to have my daily planner, and task list and goal list ready. Above all, the habits shall be put in the daily planner and I shall heed time accordingly. Let's see how my plan goes.

But yes, this book is a 4/5 and is a recommended, quick read. All those lazing around, get up and get moving with this read.

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