Wednesday, September 16, 2015


A good psychological thriller that should be watched for terrific directing.

Steven Soderbergh has yet again proved that he is indeed a straightforward director and shows the issues as they exist. No camouflage, no melodrama that is basically no nonsense. He is best in such scripts and not the remakes like he did for Ocean's Eleven. Thankfully, this is such a script where he can handle things and show them in a real way. There is no surrealism, no hallucinations or no drugs here. It's a story of a girl who is psychologically fine but is actually under medication due to reasons of her own.

For nearly three fourth of the film, I thought this film is about the corruption in the medical industry, the nexus between pharmaceutical companies and doctors. Also, I thought that this film is about murder too. But in reality, it is something else.

Rooney Mara has done a terrific job. Her best is still "The girl with the dragon tattoo" but "Side Effects" stands as one of her top performances.

The cinematography is wonderful and the sound design is in tune with the visuals. The sound gave a spine-chilling feel for me. But I wish so, there was fine-tuning in the edit to cut few scenes to make it racier.

Above all, it's a straight script that is superbly directed. I am going with 3/5  for this. Definitely a good one, but falls a tad below in greatness.

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