Monday, September 7, 2015


A terrific war film, that is more about the inner war than the external one.

Based on the 2003 Iraq war, the movie is about Chris Kyle, the sniper who recorded 160 deaths from his own shoots officially. It's tough to kill someone, but when you are paid to kill, it becomes a profession, a duty. War involves a lot of killing and it does show up. Every soldier who killed someone perhaps goes through a lot of emotion after he the killing. It's because soldiers learn how to value a life.

In this story, we have a protagonist whose conflict within keeps him going and makes him stronger. Seldom have I seen a protagonist with such integrity and who is true to his profession. Vulnerability is something he innately possesses but he does not succumb. This protagonist has almost all the qualities of an ideal man. If the real person, Chris Kyle, on whose life the movie was based was someone as tough as shown in film, I salute his spirit and courage.

Bradley Cooper, who played the role of Chris Kyle, gave a poised and a nuanced performance. Though he shoots most of the time, he pierces any sensitive heart through his expression. To be ruthless is hard but to act being ruthless and yet empathizing is tough. I sincerely believe only few actors can pull off a role as tight as this one. Thankfully, Bradley pulls it off with aplomb.

Above all, I appreciate Clint Eastwood. I hardly know any director, who is not only maniacal but also rolls out a film almost every year.  

Watch it for real action, no nonsense stuff and for the spirit of Chris Kyle. Above all, watch it for Clint Eastwood's vision.

A 4/5 for this.

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