Thursday, September 3, 2015


Strictly a one time watch and even if avoided or missed out then no big deal.

Let me begin by talking about the theater where we watched this film. It’s Grand Cinema in Hong Kong, where the seats vibrate in sync with the surround effect. This experience was new for me and it was certainly immersive. This film certainly had great sound effects so the vibration of seats was a good one to experience.

Coming to the film, there is no value add I got, apart from better visual and sound effects than the classic and original Jurassic Park made in 1993. I simply think that this film was over rated by my friends who went gaga over this and recommended this.

Irfan Khan surprised me in this with the role he had played. Apart from that there anything much impressive about this film. There is that oomph factor for sure but not not to my satisfaction.

Technically, yes this all the ingredients of a superbly designed film with adequate effects. I wish there was some soul too and not just a body that was camouflaged.

An average 2/5 for this.

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