Tuesday, November 10, 2015


A touching film that is titled the intouchables. 

I fell on the film through the imdb top 250 list. I vow myself to complete that list soon. 

When I watched the trailer it was reminiscent of another film "The Bucket List", so that set the expectation. Yet, when I watched the whole film, I was more happy, more involved and I felt it was more realistic. 

Omar Sy, the actor who played the role of Driss did an amazing job. After many films, I was left awestruck by such a realistic and easy performance. He lived it, just did not play the part is what I felt.

The screenplay was terrific, it was straight and without any complications. The film just flew by in 1 hour 52 minutes of running time, thus I owe the credit to editing which was apt.

Directors were faithful I believe to the original story which was two real persons. I thank the writers and directors for being unsympathetic and yet very realistic with the film.

One word that I can echo with the film is "Pragmatic". This film shows that interesting stories can be told in a realistic manner and without any melodrama.

A 5/5 for this. Loved it.

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