Thursday, October 4, 2012


It's a thriller and suspenseful film for sure but is hurried up.

At times, we need to set aside our beliefs the rules and what we stand for, to save a life. The last scene where Patrick Kenzie (Casey Affleck) baby sits Amanda (the little girl) made me ask a question, "What is home?" Is home something that makes us happy or is it something, where we have people whom we know but they just don't bother if we even exist or not. Poor Amanda was home just to be taken out in what forms a good detective case. Like the mother who said that the dolls name was Mirabelle, the little girl says it's Annabelle. Gosh, the mother does not even know here kids favorite toys name.

The taking is good, but screenplay is hurried up, I could not understand in the climax where there were too many scenes flashing, now whose perspective was this all shown. So it's hurried up and does not give us space to contemplate quickly and appreciate how the case was solved. Cinematography was good and so was the whole setup that is art direction. Acting was good especially by Ed Harris. But Casey Affleck did disappoint me at places where I expected a lot as he promised in this. Others were good and especially Amy Ryan as Helene, the drug addict mom stood out in her role.

All said and done, I recommend a watch for those who like some fast paced movies. It's not all good pace either, it's sluggish and a routine case till we find what happened to that baby, it took one hour for that and the next hour just rolls on so quick that too many things are revealed in too less time. I am not happy with editing of this film. It's just not right for me and it did not work for me..

It's 3/5 for a good movie for sure, yet it falls short at places to be said a must watch.

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