Monday, October 29, 2012


A movie that's insanely satirical and extremely poignant even 50 years after it's making.

Wow, firstly mention of the great genius Stanley Kubrick who perceived this film like no one has including the writer of RED ALERT, the novel on which the movie is based on. He created a character of Dr. Strangelove that is not there originally in the book and took it to a level that only Kubrick can be attributed the credit.

Now, this is a war movie with a part of war being shown in reality and in fact the whole war crew terminology is shown in heavy detail especially by those in that warplane who communicate mostly in numbers. So even how they speak is made fun at. Having said that, this movie has a serious undertone which I believe was kept aside to ensure that this was comical more than being serious. The tone is a threat of the cold war and what if USA and Russia come to war, it would be a loss of whole humanity itself. 

Now, this is taken on it's own by Peter Sellers, one of the best comedians who has held the silver screen post the Chaplin-era and he plays not just one, but three principal characters all of them, extremely different in terms of looks, accents,  roles and even the way they walk. Now, to take it up as a challenge and to bring in subtleties and portray them as they are is something that only Peter Sellers could have pulled off. Oh, what a great cast this was by using Peter Sellers for 3 roles. 

The whole set design is just authentic and so is that airplane cockpit design that has too many details to make us feel even silly to be listening to pilots slang. It was all intentionally done by Kubrick and yes it was a laughter ride all through, even when explosion took place. 

It's stupendous in all departments and thanks to Stanley Kubrick, the master for giving us a film as great  as this. It's a definite 5/5 for one of the finest satirical war movies that how many ever satires can come on war, this will hold it's own place and way above from others.

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