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One of the finest movie of this generation. It's not a movie, it's a movement.

We were 13-14 friends who went to see this in Shiva theatre (dilsukhnagar, hyderabad) on Jan 26th 2006. It was Kranthi, Rutwik, Venkat, Raghuveer, Manthan, Anirudh, Dinackar, Satish among those whom I can recollect. Now, the film began rolling, Kranthi who was next to me said, what movie have we come to, there is Bhagat Singh reading his diary and it was a sepia shot. Before, this I got the CD and was is love with the music of the film, I thought it would be youthful, dreamy and completely joyful. The title too seemed be inapt when I just heard the music. Then the film began on its course and as the watch fell and titles began to roll, we got a glimpse of what we were about to witness in the titles itself. I must say, till this date I have liked no other titles as this one and the background music by A R Rahman, he put al his genius into it. We were all happy then itself. 

We got into characters, there was Aslam, DJ, Karan, Sukhi Ram, Laxman Pandey and Ajay and also Sue (Su Kar Mere Mann Ko) all the right chords were touched in casting and we also had the legendray Waheeda Rehman play Ajay's mother and other good actors in the roles of mothers and fathers. The story was about Su coming to India to make a film on our lost and forgotten freedom fighters. Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh and others. It was paced as if we are told the whole revoultionary story in the most enaging way possible. Indeed, that is the only way we relate to this, there is a need for freedom in one way, at least the Gandhian way is not working now so let's try the Bhagat Singh way. We may die but yet we shall die happily. 

If there is any film that has made me believe in myself more and to fight for what I believe is right, then this is the film. What DJ stood for what he believed in though he could not believe it in the first place. Laxman is a symbol of the uncorrupt youth who are being dragged into partisan politics and being corrupted. Karan is the cool dude who worries about rich gear and not about this country much.  Aslam is the poet who has a big heart and a brave vision. I loved them all and thanks to the writer director Rakesh Mehra for bringing them on all alive, not just as friends but as the freedom fighters whom I wish not to forget. Revolution is what I strived for since I saw this, and most of it is exhibited in the office job where I am a warrior of nothing but honesty and truth. I love them both (truth and honesty) and this film did show that to me. 

Geting back to the movie, so by the time we were at interval. None of us moved no one grabbed a drink or popcorn, we were in love with what we saying but were thinking and talking where this is going to lead. Raghu said "Cinematography super" Rutwik said "I like Karan" the film began post interval and all were glued again. When a tragedy struck and when Lukka Chuppi played, I was having tears and just could not imagine that such a beautiful song was written for such great tragedy. A mother has lost her son and Lukka Chuppi is what it is, hide and seek. I feel numbness in my fingers even as I type this now, then we got Khoon Chala, now the time has come to overpower all our politicians, and these guys just tried to do that at the end and what a tragedy has struck them. They became martyrs. The movie ended, we were struck to our seats, Venkat said, now let's leave. We started walking slowly and got onto our bikes and went to Raghuveer's home. From the time we left the theatre till we reached his home and sit in his room, there was silence, I don't' know why and we were all silent I am sure. Raghu said "You need something" and our silence broke. This is how vividly I can imagine the whole experience of Jan 26th 006. I just can't forget that. This movie did lot many things to us on that day at least I am sure and I believe most of us still have this feeling at the back of their mind. 

I just am so thankful for the makers, the actors and very crew man of this wonderful movie. I can't even rate this, but a 5/5 for what it did. Even 6 years later all is very fresh and am still hopeful of doing something. This was the first DVD I bought for myself and am happy that I did. I just can't let go of this movie. It may not the best in cinematic terms maybe as I have heard a mixed opinion down the years, but the screenplay is just awesome and so the background score and cinematography. The songs, the emotion, the poetry. Go watch all of it and I am sure, most of you will love it again.

I am sorry if this became more of an autobiography than a movie review, but just wanted to share it.

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