Friday, October 12, 2012


Since its blossom, it’s on the wait
For your touch with thy hands
For your looks on its petals
For your pluck from its mother

Waiting for you, since its blossom
In a garden of brotherly flowers
As the sun rises, it’s pensive in wait
And you come in your mighty gait

To choose your liked ones and leave the rest
For, you think they are not the best
Hope, it relies on to be plucked by you
As you come near, within grows its fear

Will you, or won’t you are its only bother
You have a look and just passed away
For, that didn’t lure you enough
To be called by you, as one of the best

Thus, like many of the rest
It faded away from the same dusk
Wailing, as it failed your test
And now is laid to a lifetime rest

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