Friday, September 13, 2013


Money comes, money goes
It brings clothes, it brings shoes
The reason for our might, the reason for our woes
The reason for friends, the reason for foes
Money comes in gold, paper, and plastic
It makes many sway in its music
It takes us to fantasies and gives thrills
It makes real, many dreamy frills
Money sheds for most their every tear
It can buy all; one may say but I say it cannot
Money can’t buy the love of mother or brother
Money can’t, my dear, give the peace for a lifetime
It can’t buy death, though it can buy a gun
It can buy a medicine, but can’t really give life
Yet, my friends and dear ones, I say this
Money, to get is substantial if not more
To make pleasures and passions come true
To make the holiday’s funny and travel easy
Money, for some buys food, makes them feel good
Money makes even in tragedy a blissful mood

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