Monday, September 2, 2013


How do you like idea of having sex when cars are crashing? My friend asked me to watch this movie
posing the question. I fell in love with the movie not with the idea though.

I loved the taking and the bottom line "to what extent one can go to have a fantasy fulfilled". The fetish is abnormal and is named paraphilia. I don't know if any body does that in real life or even has such fantasy but David Cronenberg the director seems to be fantasized by such a fetish and made a film out of it. Extraordinary situations demand exemplary acting and thats what we have in here. 

Cronenberg stands all amidst directors in terms of boldness, bringing surrealism and making us believe that somethings may exist. He just makes me succumb to the believability of his themes and therein lies the greatness of Cronenberg. 

Now, this film is more like a fantasy fable and even the way it is presented is such. The interesting part comes when this fable seems to be a reality. Yes, paraphilia exists, yes people want to have fun in absurd and weird circumstances and this reality is married with a fable making this a really wonderful film. James Spader seems to be holding a bunch of sex driven films to his credit. Be it "Sex Lies and Videotape" or "Secretary" and is aptly cast as James Ballard. I do not think, Cronenberg might have been rejected by many other actors, to whom this role was offered. Nevertheless, Spader seemed to be in the right shoes for the role and he has done a commendable job. 

The film is a challenge coz it marries, the psychology of the brain to the physical desire, a dire necessity of many humans and creates a layered and textured form of a fantasy which is rare and yet so absorbing. David Cronenberg took this challenge from the novel of the same by James Ballard. To write, anyone can write anything, but to make using a publicly accessible medium in a way that it is acceptable is one thing that Cronenberg should be applauded for above all. 

I stand by this film and admire many things which are extremely challenging and even introspecting and appreciate the courage of the writer-director David Cronenberg. The editing gives us the right dose or romance of romance and action. The cinematography sets the right environment. The music creates the right mood. Now, in such a film what more can you ask for. Thus, I suppose it's one of the most challenging assignments that was accomplished with an aplomb by a director.

I thank my friend "Raghuveer" who acquainted me with the film and I am happy to have seen this. A big thanks to the master director David Cronenberg too. A 4/5 for this. 

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