Friday, September 13, 2013


I am a poet first everything else next
I heard his first line in our first meet
As moments passed with days and nights
I heard his poems in rains and scorching sun

With many ‘of courses’ in our long discourses
With cigar or wine at lunch or as we dine
We were young then and words were handy

And a day I had to part, with him and his poems
I said ‘Thank you for your friendship”
On what I thought was our last meet
He said ‘Thank my poems before anything else
And we shall meet again in a corner of Life Street’

I met him years later and true were his words
Now he was residing on the throne of words
With many poems in the shrine of his thoughts
He said ‘World is round and thus you land
On the same ground with wrinkled feet and hands”

Some too deep, some too long his poems were
Some mellowed sonnets and rest were songs
It was a corner and I met him at life’s dead end

A dawn, by a message he did send
I knew of his illness that cannot mend
I went to his place to have some time spent
I greeted him though wailing ‘Hello Friend’
He in hurry yelled in his last breath
I am a poet first everything else next

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