Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Each year, I wish this day shall not come
But my prayers go unheard 
I wish that this crime shall not be done
Alas, blindness is high in the human herd

For,  the rapists of a girl the law falls in line
But for abuse upon me, it all seems so fine
Coming to my seas and beaches of mine for vacations
Writing poetry by my lakes or rivers for recreation

Yet, you dump the garbage and your waste
I bear it all the year but today is a total distaste
The iron and oil you paint your gods with
They cannot dissolve nor sail
They just make ashamed of your myth
But again, none can hear my wails

I seek salvage from this rampage
But despite my cries, I am not given respite
I am an essence of you, an element you can never miss 
But "O human" by abusing me you are in bliss 

I cry today but I see for none it matters
Please spare me I beg you in tears
Alas, you cannot see nor feel mine

They too are of my own soul "the waters" 

A feeling I go through each year when I pass by lakes after the "Ganesh Visarjan". I think, how would the waters feel by the abuse we do to it. Poor soul of waters goes through a lot of pain. I am happy by initiatives of Clay idols being kept, but it's not enough. I wish a day will come soon when the oil painted and iron filled idols are banned. Till that day, there shall be "TEARS OF WATERS"

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