Monday, September 2, 2013


I liked it but not to the extent that I love it.

It's a good film, a fun watch but it's cliched in dialogue and screenplay. It relies heavily on the two leads, Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Though Julia Roberts as Anna Scott does her part with ease, Hugh Grant as Will Thacker seems to be shaky, and uncomfortable. Also, its way too long with a running time of more than two hours for something that a very light romantic comedy. 

Editing lacks hold in an otherwise well written film. But the dialogue ruins the well written scenes by putting some mediocre lines that were extremely predictable by me. I felt, this film did not have the charm of romances like "When Harry Met Sally" or "Love Actually". The chemistry between Julia and Hugh though made up for most flaws, it did not cover them well enough.    

Just an example

William Thacker: I've opened Pandora's Box!
Spike: I knew a girl named Pandora in High School once...Never did see her box though!

If such jokes make you laugh and smile, then this movie is certainly for you. For me, this was a very poor joke and I could not buy such jokes. The sad part is the film is filled with such lines and that is why I did not like it much. 

For sure, there are good aspects in terms of production. But with such actors at the helm and budget taking a toll, those things are expected too. Writer Richard Curtis seems to be a good one at slapstick comedy and slick dialogues but what he is not is mastering the same and adding a touch and flavour of his own. The same "I love you" can be said in innumerable ways but it has to be one that will be attractive and has it's own place in the hearts of the viewer. 

I am going with 2/5 for this. Though its a very well made romantic comedy. It lacks that speciality of becoming greater than a normal film. I am also skeptical if this will stand the test of time either.

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