Wednesday, March 12, 2014

QUEEN (2014) - HINDI

This film deserves the title QUEEN and most girls indeed are Queens in their own right. Girls. go watch this to feel liberated and Boys, please see to learn how to be and behave.

A simplistic story, narrated exceptionally well and executed with a finesse. It's real and can be easily related to, by many boys and girls. Girls must go and see it for what they can be despite the odds and hiccups in their lives. Boys must go and see to learn a few things of how to behave, respect and treat a girl. Some boys and even their parents want the new girl coming into their family, to be confined to the domestic responsibilities. This is precisely what the film takes on and in a very fun and light hearted way. 

Some feminists and women, have declared some men as having a MCP (Male Chauvinistic Pig) mentality. MCP's are men who believe it's a man's world and only men who take the right decisions. Some are even worse, few men, who under the guise of love, impose restrictions on their fiance or wife. As an example I can quote "Darling, you look beautiful in Saree, then why wear jeans" The girl responds "Anything for you darling". Jeans goes, saree comes in and that's how few boys intrude into freedom and start taking it off from the girl. This film stabs such boys right in their face.

Also, irrespective of caste, creed, nationality,race and even gender, a human being can live with his or her own ambitions, with free will and freedom, all can mutually exists and indeed help each other too. This is  another under current theme in the film. Self learning is better than being taught by someone else is also evident in the film.

So this is essentially a film that has multiple themes and comes off colorfully. It does not preach and silently does the job. I have not yet spoke about the protagonist Rani who is played superbly by Kangana Ranaut. Never did I think, that she can pull off a character with such ease and panache. There is a certain nonchalance in her restrain. She was never for a moment out of place or out of character. I was seeing a village girl Rani evolve into a matured girl, who learnt a lot about the world. Kangana shall win accolades and awards for her performance here. The next best was Lisa Haydon who played a sumptuous Vijayalakshmi.
All others have played their roles exceptionally too. Kudos to the director Vikas Bahl for extracting such fine performances.

There are many wonderful moments in the film. There is a "Sweater moment", a "Golgappa moment" and even a "Enraan Hashmi moment". Those who have seen the film will understand what the moments and those who have not, I request them to go see the film and explore these moments. 

Music complemented the film in a fine way. Amit Trivedi has done a fine job once again. The editing is simply knockout, there is rarely a dull moment in the whole film and editing deserves some praise and awards too. The cinematography is top notch. With production qualities being uncompromising, the production design was a treat to the eyes.

All this was done with a script that is very fluid and flows with a serene pace. The writers deserve a lot of praise for putting the script well. Surprisingly, Kangana has done some additional dialogue too and she did that well.

A 4/5 for a film that is a must watch for girls and for boys. It's youthful and extremely entertaining.

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