Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Music is certainly divine. It brings order in chaos and peace in life.

Music is what Maria brings into lives of the children of Georg Von Trapp. They in turn become loving, sincere and disciplined kids.

This film is certainly about music, the impact of music and how music can be used as a tool of inspiration to children. From the song "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" to the inspirational "Do Re Mi" to the title song "The Sound of Music" and the other wonderful song "My Favorite Things", these are exceptional songs that are tailor-made to the script and carry the narrative forward. Even the final song "So Long" is done wonderfully by everyone. Credit to the composers Richard Rogers and his team for this. Also, the director Robert Wise who had a vision and let the songs flow into the narrative fluidly and let the songs speak for the movie, is a wonderful thing.

this is certainly one of the great musicals that will be there for as long as movies exist. The well placed nuances, the theme, the characterization blended with the glorious style and the grandeur set in the alps. It makes this a great movie. Yet, I have only one thing against this and it's the plot. The plot is predictable and thus making me lose fun in between the film itself. The climax is pretty simplistic and comes in haste.
barring these, the rest is mellifluous and poetic.

No wonder why many musicians have loved this film. Even I love this, wish it was more unpredictable.
A 4/5 for this.

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