Monday, April 2, 2012


About the play:

When young and earnest schoolmaster Leon Tolchinsky arrives to teach the people of Kulyenchikov, little does he know about the different sensibilities of the villagers (or the lack of it). A vendor who sells flowers for fish, a shepherd in search of sheep, a butcher sweeping dust back into his shop. The russian abode sure lies low on common sense. That the villagers are bunch of fools is certain.

Leon takes it upon himself to educate them and add some logic to their lives. But a special student awaits to be tutored before Leon can cater to the rest. To add to his worries he has limited time to do so. Else the consequences could be devastating. Will Leon have to do more than just a schoolmaster to the village? Will the shepherd find his sheep? Who is this 'special' student? Will the fools be foolish forever? 

My Review :

All those who are proud of watching this play, I am with you . This is great in terms of acting and as the writing of Neil Simon goes, few things can be improved. the Dramanon team has done a great job in getting things together and executing in a hilarious way. Rahul Ghosh was simply the star and the gorgeous Harika was his perfect heroine. Others chipped and I liked (Nikolai Zubritsky) RK Shenoy the most among others. All did their part well, and I just found Slovitch's accent a bit out of place. The acting is just perfect for all.

The dialogues are well done and so did the production, set design and costumes team, kudos to all. Technically too this was great, but a door was found missing for which the sound had to pitch in, good job guys in managing this too. It was surely hilarious and the best part was timing and spacing of dialogues, the tempo of the play was never lost though it had a break. It was like a feature film break and it would have been better off without any break. 

Good job RK Shenoy and all others who made this a fun watch. Kudos and am waiting for more such plays from Dramanon.

Yeah, surely  Stupidity brings life coz it brings fun and what a way to celebrate the Fools Day, thanks all for the gift you gave me.

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