Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I wanted to watch it for Audrey Hepburn and I felt like she is the only one worth watching. All else failed me.

Okay, a woman is obsessed about Tiffany's the jewellery store and the time she spends in the store all through the movie is hardly 10 minutes. Even that is fine but there is nothing called a plot and the subplots come and go like lightning in a rain. I wished there was a strong storm or rain in this movie.

Audrey Hepburn was charismatic and elegant. The cigarette pipe was iconic and her gait was nonchalant. She was overwhelmingly lovely in the film. All others were pale in front of her. Their characters were not as strong as Hepburn's.

The film was in Eastman color so everything seemed made up. From interiors of the rooms to the make and even benches in the park. They were all setup so that's something I accepted. Technically this film is below par in writing and directing.

Hail Hepburn and this is a so so film for her. A 2/5 for this film.

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