Tuesday, June 20, 2017


This is an outstanding film that is overwhelmed with hope despite undercurrent sadness.

Never thought dreaming of eating a Pizza could be made into such a terrific issue and be so well made into a film. But here we have it, two boys dreaming of eating a Pizza and earning every Penny to make it. Their pursuit only took them forward and it's absolutely right that when we have pursue big dreams "Nothing is Impossible". This film ignites that hope although it's depicted with humility and simplicity.

Most of the movie is shot in a slum and it's surroundings despite such confined spaces the grandeur was brought in through the depiction of human emotions. I loved the way a 'dosa' scene was captured. The lighting, the expression and the angle just brought the needed emotion and elevated the scene. Reality shown really well I shall say. The music is apt and the lyrics are amazing. The music echoes the emotions of the characters very effectively

The kids Vignesh and Ramesh are the stars of this film. There are many adults and a few seasoned actors too in this film, yet these two stole the show from the word go till the last frame.

There are many subplots in this film and those are engaging too. This film shows the divide between haves and havenots. How local politicians have a high handedness in certain aspects. How an accused has to struggle to get a bail. There are many more such fine aspects that make this film a must watch.

Special thanks to producers who having the gut to make this story into a film and more-so to be able to give to audience.

After watching this, I felt wow. I hope you do too. A 4/5 for this terrific film played by kids who are more mature and intelligent than most adults shown. Kudos to the kids and writer and director.

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