Friday, September 8, 2017


An arduous effort worth acknowledging, appreciating and adoring too. An experience that I really liked.

Firstly, I should thank my friend Praneeth Jandhyala to recommend this movie. I am happy to see the second part in the Imax screen (4 times). The experience was rewarding. I missed out on the first part in theatre, so thus resolved to make Sunday 16th July, a Bahubali day.

I watched the first part, "The Beginning" on YouTube in the afternoon and watched the second part "The Conclusion" in Imax.

Few films are made with such grandeur these days like Bahubali. It is an experience that was to be seen on the big screen. From 16th July till now, I have watched "The Conclusion" 4 times in the theatre and once my mobile.

Characters were written with a lot of detail and also each of the important characters has a lot of screen time. These characters will be etched in the minds of the viewers for a very long time.

Part 1

WHERE: AT HOME ON 46" Screen through Youtube 4K

Now that I watched the second part, I must confess I did not like the first part as much as I liked the second part. The first 30 minutes of first part were about putting up an idol under the waterfall and climbing up a mountain to solve a mystery by "Shivudu". This I believe was done merely to showcase the strength of the hero and his power. The reasoning was acceptable but the imagination of "Avantika" those blue butterflies was something I felt not necessary. Also, the "item" song at the end which I perceived as filler was totally out of place for me.

Part 2


This is a true magnum opus. Each scene, each battle, and each dialogue seemed to have a relevance and takes the narrative forward. The connection established between both the parts was amazing. The introduction to Amarendra Bahubali was much more powerful in this part than the prior one. "Devasena" who was mostly chained and was looking old in the first part is shown as a princess. I must say I am in awe of the beauty the costumes, the makeup of "Devasena". I dare say no contemporary actress suits Devasena better than "Anushka". Also, same applies to almost all the important characters like Shivagami, Bhallaladeva, Bijjaladeva, Kattappa and of course Bahubali (Amarendra and Mahendra).

Love it or hate it but you cannot ignore a Bahubali. A 3/5 for the first part and a 4/5 for the second part. I am keeping this concise as too much has been said and written about Bahubali franchise.

Thanks to Rajamouli, you have encompassed all market boundaries and have made every Telugu person proud. 

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