Monday, May 15, 2017


This is Guy Ritchie at his trippy best.

I did not know of the legend of King Arthur till I saw this film. But I can safely say, there are traces of 'Macbeth' in the tale. The story as such is not a great one, it's the story that we have been seeing since ages. The quest for power, the greed of position is well known in the legends and the greed would die and a hero would emerge victorious. No surprises in the story in this film too but the taking is what made this film interesting. In the first 15 minutes of the film, the growing up of Arthur is shown with a terrific montage, editing and sublime sound. I felt it setup the film well. What followed this was just fluid.

There is humor, actually satirical dialogues that are superbly delivered by the cast. It's well written and executed. The editing is something that was crisp. The pace of the film I felt was right and this deserves a theatrical watch as in home viewing, we may miss some nuances which are worth savoring. 

I heard of  "Charlie Hunnam" in the film "Pacific Rim" but after I saw this film, I declare that he has arrived He was composed and also fluid in the role and he surely has a swag to his personality. I loved his acting and I suppose he will go a long away if he chooses the right roles. 

But the real hero lie behind the screen in the soundtrack and that's the music director of the film "Daniel Pemberton". Listen to the soundtrack below as a sample. I just loved the sound.

The visual effects are not great and the whole ambience was like "Game of Thrones". I have seen only few scenes of "Game of Thrones" and after the viewing refrained from watching "GOT". Also, my wife said few of the cast was from "GOT" so Guy Ritchie could not do much about this I believe.

Overall, a film to watch for Guy Ritchie's style, Charlie Hunnam's swag and Daniel Pemberton's sound. A 3/5 for this film that's worth watching once but worth listening on a repeat play list.

Jackseye's Tale - Daniel Pemberton - King Arthur Soundtrack (click to listen)

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