Monday, May 15, 2017


A movie that is layered and packed with surprises.

Ridley Scott was the one who started his career with Alien franchise (Alien was his second film as director) and now he gives the prequels like this one and the earlier film 'Prometheus' to the franchise. This adds elements to the franchise and tries to answer some existential questions like 'How did this all begun?'

Of all the scenes in the film I loved the opening scene. The backdrop, the sound and the dialogues were just right to establish the characters and their journey.

Michael Fassbender is an established actor and here he unravels some layers which I have not seen in his earlier films. He is the protagonist. The film begins and ends with him and the transformation is terrifying actually.

The suspense is well kept and this demands another film to understand and seek answers for the questions raised. Perhaps, Ridley Scott is going to end his career with this franchise itself as he is nearly 80 years and if he does, he better end this revealing all the answers.

Technically, the sound design and editing is perhaps it's strongest strength I felt. Visually, it was dark and the confrontation of two characters (David and Walter) is taken in good lighting. I liked the yellow tungsten lighting to symbolize the shades of the characters too.

All in all, this is a must watch film for all the 'Prometheus' fans but other wise it's okay to give this a miss. I plan to watch 'Prometheus' soon.

A 3/5 for a good film. It's serious boss in space no fun movie this.

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