Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hooo Hoo....saw it for 4th time in my life and its still such a revealing experience. Nolan with this script unleashed the potential of him and what a good screenplay can do even to a straight forward story.

The story is of a man who is tangled by his own deed of following people and then from a culprit becomes a witness and a victim too. The progression is so non linear till the very end its hard to realize what is actually happening and when did it happen. Like in the beginning, the protagonist falls on the ground and a cloth comes out of his mouth, we wonder what would have happened and this is revealed in the climax. There are many scenes that come and go but have a lot of meaning later and just keep us hanging in delirium.

It's a tough one to decipher or construe the whole story happenings in a linear way so that would just take out the fun, its better to be watched and enjoyed the wau it is. The acting is fine but there are not many emotions displayed and mostly they are told with a straight face and a bland expression. Had it been done with professional actors, it would have been much more joyful. But, this movie has to be acclaimed hugely for it's all newcomers approach.

The cost is minimal because of no remuneration to actors, it's all done in natural lighting and now additional lighting used. Its done on a 16mm film camera as against a 35mm so to reduce cost and the best part, this movie was shot all in all within 6000$ and the shooting was done only on weekends as actors were working on week days. Nolan has to be appreciated for his patience and perseverance and the actors for giving their time and making it what it is today.

Great thanks to Nolan for making every aspiring film maker believe that if we have the content right, the budget or the lighting or the camera do not matter, what matters is how we shall present it at the end of the day.

Nolan rocks with his first movie and though his other movies made him bigger, this was the firm beginning of a great director. It's 5/5 for the best independent and the lowest budget movie ever.

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