Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Seldom, you find a movie that takes you into it and enthralls you right from the start to the last frame. And only after the movie is over, you realize that man, the joy ride is done now it’s time to leave and wish that it would have been there for some more time. AVATAR is one such experience.
What is it about?

It’s in a way story of person saving his race and fighting for it. He wants love, he wants trust. But never did I feel that it was told splendidly as it was done in AVATAR. When a guy who has lost his legs jumps in joy we feel man I would have done that too. When a person with his courage has won the trust of many and feels to lose it then he would do anything to get it back.
Each nuance was stunning and oozing in beauty and splendor. A new world PANDORRA has been created and AVATAR makes you feel right there, you can touch those ferns, those plants, those wild animals (or monsters, I can’t term them). The screenplay is perfect with each new scene revealing something new and by the end we can figure out what each thing was all about.

A scene, in which the lead couple takes a ride and explores PANDORRA, is just one example of beauty that this movie has. The editing is awesome and the acting is apt. The background music, (I concentrated the least as the visuals were too very stunning) is just perfect. But hey, it’s not a movie where all these things should be looked into. Just sit in a 3D thing put your goggles and see for the first few minutes after the time would just flew.

Kudos, to James Cameron for visualizing AVATAR all in the brain and his crew who meticulously draw translated his vision to screen. It’s surely worth the time it took in making and for me it’s worth every penny and every second I spent watching it.

It’s not a must see but a must experience movie. 5/5

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