Friday, August 19, 2011


Written on 23rd September 2009 Originally

Its very very tough to contain an ambitious man who wants to achieve something...its more tough to contain a man who wants to do things for himself....but if they contain themselves and hold back then just nothing needs to be done...just watch them loose the battle with time

Its a bright morning with clouds here and there, the sun is just peeping out now...and I am thinking of a man...a man who thinks too much of himself..who feels that he is not being given due attention..a man who is shy and is afraid to go out and seek what he really wants...and for him its tough to say no to any god damn thing even if its not right..a man who is afraid of the world as he thinks that he too may die like many in the stampede of spirit...he stops there and even he stops thinking....he just lies on the bed and looks at the things happening outside the window or may be watches T.V. for passing time but still nothing would please him....coz he wants to go out to do things he wanted to...but..but.,..but...this but stops him...this but kills his spirit..this but has no answer how much ever one may seek....but its a very powerful but....or may be an IF it doesn't really matter.

But, it's a but that is holding him back...he thinks he is buying time...he is juts letting things to happen ad in the meanwhile save himself something for the rainy day...but nothing is working...he is just getting a day closer towards death and a mile away from his dream..his passion..his work...and there are many many men like him.who want to do things...but but but...have held back themselves and just got laid in the grave peacefully.........Am I one of them????

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