Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PAA (2009) - HINDI

Loving simple tale of unison of estranged parents

The movie is full of witty, kid dish conversations between a 12 year old boy and others, the others range from his own dad to his toy. Splendid camera captured the entire emotions, funny things and also the love so refreshingly. Editing is precise except for a couple of sequences (both are related to politics), where it seemed that the director is enforcing his idea of 'cool' politician.

Now, the acting is one thing that has to be surely appreciated by almost all who have acted except one, that's Abhishek Bachchan, I request him to learn acting or do it or just get off the screen and give screen space to better actors. The acting of Vidya Balan is top notch but the real stealer is Amitabh, agreed, that the makeup, voice, teeth, eyes were deliberate attempts to make him look like a progeria affected child, but the performance delivered is one that is surely world class. Full marks to Amitabh for bringing the actor from within and becoming a child at 68 years of his life and giving a wonderful treat of performance.

The characterization was simple, but some incidents were surely stretched out. Father is a politician who denies becoming a father as he seeks his personal aspirations over becoming a father, its fine. Mom is gynecologist is also fine. Son is a progeria affected child. Now, these are characters existing in reality But, the point is how father meets the child and learns the truth and how, he is united with his lost love. Simple, but the meeting was a deliberate and amateurish attempt to begin such a story, nevertheless it had to start at some point and so it did, and once the protagonist was introduced, the entire thing was an engaging watch full of humor (it's not cynical or sarcastic but plain and dry) that's the stand out selling point. One dialogue in which the kid is asked 'What does your mom and do?" to which he replies "Bas bachhe paida karte hai" is worth the money.

Despite the evident flaws in the movie, it is worth a watch just for it's simplicity and no nonsense method. Director Balki, I wish sticks to such stuff and keeps churning these kind of movies more and kudos for trying this in an earnest way.
Highly recommended - 4/5.

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