Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I could have chosen the regular Theatrical release poster as I have been doing but this ought to have Joker coz Dark Knight is all about him. 

It's a Batman film that is derived as imminently as any other comic book movie but what is brought in here is a maverick who has all the madness to fight and that's the joker. And as aptly a dialogue "This is what happens when an unstoppable foce is hit by an immovable object" and thus Dark Knight happens. It is surely the most entertaining movies I had watched all of 2008 and even when I did it now, it's as enthralling as ever and when ever I saw Joker I was happy happy and happy, I want to be the JOKER the ruthless criminal who wants not money not power but fun. 

The screenplay is terrific as an Christopher Nolan's movie and the music is stupendous by Hans Zimmer but all and above it's Heath Ledger's portrayal of Joker that has brought in the entertainment factor into the movie. Yes, he was taken for granted too by other characters but when he unleashes himself it's so terrifying. Confrontation with Batman when he says, You complete me or what will I do without you, you are so much fun is ah, a great one. Another one with Harvey Dent in hospital where the two faced is shown, must appreciate the make up for that, it's just so horrifying for a moment and there too the Joker says Do you think I am one of those, a schemer again a ooh. 

Watch it please just for JOKER. It's 5/5. 

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