Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AAMIR (2008) - HINDI

Hoooo....Too very engrossing

I don't know if it was the subtle expressions of strangers or stark expressions of protagonist or the desire of the antagonist or what kept this movie going....but it went on and I did not flinch back or took a just got going from the beginning, It could have gone anywhere from anywhere, but still the journey was so engaging that I moved my head forward by an inch each 10 minutes. This had crucified my inhibitions that such a movie can’t be made and is difficult to be held on to.

This indeed is a brave attempt, from long shots of AAMIR running in streets to close ups showing his despair, every nuance is married with his psychological state. Each thing that he does is actually a reflection of his state of mind, his fear of losing his family overtakes him at times but finally he himself takes the charge and does something which is unrealistic to many yet is attainable. A common man as he is famously termed, becomes a martyr. Yet is termed as a suicide bomber a terrorist that's the irony it shows.

It starts with him being accused as a terrorist (police are suspicious about it) and it ends with him being labeled as a terrorist. Oh, what a vicious circle it is.

Editing is sublime and so is the cinematography to capture each face each nuance and convey something that in such time conveys many greater things.

Kudos to director Raj Kumar Gupta for thinking of making it and Anurag Kashyap who has helped it to surface the way it is.

One might like it and many may not. But before giving a judgment, please do see.

A must see rating. 4/5

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