Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The climax song and the expressions of the soldiers sum it all of how much dreadful pain a war can bring.

The sound and the visuals made with terse verbiage and tight screenplay consummate this film to be the best war film ever made that highlights the corruptness of the superior officers who presume they can get away with anything. It takes us through the military trenches filled with nothing but men willing to fight, the gore war landscapes where men will fall in the attack by the enemy. The court martial that is closed even before it started, all this done and the emotions of those accused just resonate of what gruesome magnitude can the war become and the worse part is being killed by their own men. Have mercy, have them killed by enemy let them die like soldiers I was craving within.

Impeccable vision of Kubrick has brought this movie to state from where it actually was, the story as such has nothing much to be proud of but the way it portrayed with such raw energy from the actors has to be acclaimed.

Art direction, Oh my god what it could have taken to set up those trenches and the war space is really commendable given that in those days, they had to set these up manually.

Kudos again to the vision of Kubrick for a war film that can be considered one of the best ever. My rating 5/5.

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