Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1947 EARTH (1998) - HINDI

Totally Unexpected.

I did not expect many things in the way they were unfolded and that’s the beauty of this movie.

The story is about partition but no big politics involved. Lahore no big cities involved. Rather it's a tale of a choice between lust and love. It a view point of a small parsi girl.

There are very little commercial elements and the music of A R Rahman just adds to the visuals and the way they unfold I repeat is what is wonderful.

It's not spectacular and I didn't get a wow while viewing but its engrossing and so engrossing that I didn't even realize till the tears strolled from eyes and touched my lips.

It's a must watch if one can take in the surprise of seeing a movie that actually does not have a typical beginning or end and anything.

Aamir Khan Rocks and Nandita Das is wonderful. But the best is from a kid Maia Sethna as Lenny Baby.

Rating : 4/5

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