Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Saw it finally, after a long long wait. It is an engaging piece but not a path breaking, shattering one as I found in some other reviews before the Internet preview release.

My points, Cinematography and Art direction right from credits to last frame (i would combine these as they gave the whole feeling) are splendid capturing the entire feel of youth's agony, their ambitions, their fear and the entire feeling of being locked up in a room or a garage or in a police station (claustrophobic feeling). The outdoors are though minimal and not extravagant, they are done with finesse. No green scenery's here and no sunset sunrise scenes. Yet they are captivating enough to endear, enthrall and to transform into the world of these characters.

Editing, nope that's one thing I felt is not up to the mark, the reason may be that its the director's and editor's first movie and a sharper scissor was needed.
The scenes I would like to cut are
1) The end song in which the girl sings same one as she has sung earlier
2) The scene in which Luke strangles Nikhil's father (this was later communicated in dialogue)
3) The scene where Pondy and Joy are shown as being taken to Jail (this was later communicated in dialogue). Thus felt like these were like spoon feeding.
Acting of Kay Kay as Luke Morrison is just mind fucking awesome and equally appreciable is that of Vijay Maurya as Pondy. I did not like the acting of Tejaswini, I felt she just sleep walked.
Background music is apt 3 songs are great. Main Khuda, Baith Jaa, Akhiyan. Vishal Bharadwaj gave an awesome sound track and thanks to him.

Now, the thing to writing, the dialogues are wonderful "Aye Pondy Chaai Piyega, Chal Mere Liye Ek Banaa" reveals the domineering attitude of LUKE and so is each dialogue relevant to the characterization.

The script has made me ask some questions to myself and some questions to the writer director Anurag,
1) If the entire confession in police station was about money then police at any point did not seem to be interested in where the money that was stolen was kept and all they were interested is why were the murder's that took place happen.
2) Was it necessary for Joy to have the other guys waiting outside Nikhil's house after they stole the money they wanted? He was just eating and these guys went in and when they found that Nikhil's father was there, they just strangled him. Without this also it would have been done as how the police came to know about murder of Nikhil's father and kidnap of Nikhil was not shown anyways and that was not the point of movie also.
3) The most disappointing thing was that Luke who was shown as if he was drowned just comes alive. This seemed to be a twist and this made the movie predictable as to who shall have the final laugh. And there in lay the antagonist of a wonderful script.

Direction no doubt is superb. But what started as a very very interesting and psychological thing with each shade of a character being revealed poignantly. What started as a very interesting and psychological movie turned out to be a thriller kind where the ending was predictable and so called commercial. Yet its one thing that should be watched out to know what a angry young man does (for KAY KAY).

Watch it for KAY KAY 3/5

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