Wednesday, August 10, 2011


A fun film.

The film starts with lizard having fun in water and then the Intro of RANGO happens in a bar. Watch it to see how the transformation happens from a lizard to a hero. This brings back the same fun ride that we had in childhood in a much better choreographed way with brilliant animation, sound and video quality but yet it's the same fun. This film reminisces of the West Classics like The Good The Bad and The Ugly and the music for sure will make us recede to those times of Ennio Morricone classic pieces of music.

Now the technical part, dialogue is sharp witted and lines of Rango voiced by Johnny Depp are the best ones and the voice is done so well by Johnny who comes out yet again with a performance that is awestruck. The animation of rodents, reptiles and is done well and the textures can be appreciated and the differences too can be figured out there is a lot of detailing that has to be seen and it's a rarity actually for the Non Pixar Animated movies.. Directed by Gore Verbinski who directed the Pirates movies has done this one too with heart and an uncomplicated mind. The screenplay is lethargic at most time echoing most of themes the western classics like brawls between the gun holders, bank robbery etc...

This for sure is a movie that is enjoyable if we have time to give for it, but I doubt really how many can invest their time for this tiny Rango It's 3/5.

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