Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hmm just back from the movie and am still not believing what I saw. No it cannot be, Vishal can never make a movie like that. So predictable, so illogical, so flawed and yet too much hyped as a Tarantino and Guy Ritchie kind. For me it's never like that. It isn't even near to a two out of five from me

Story, twin brothers story/one love story/one smuggling gangster story/one political gangster story and all cooked up to a shoot shoot shootout climax

Cooked up to make a pot boiler, but its rotten, so rotten that I couldn't smell it even to have it after the end of first half I started reading the other side and it happened the same way bad men go and good men stay. The streak of OMKARA where LANGDA TYAGI was raised as an epitome of jealousy was missing, the innocence and honesty of BLUE UMBRELLA was missing.

The performances were decent or may be the best of their life times for the actors, I don't give a damn but the plot, the character development, the story the concept for which I was craving all through was so flawed and I am still not liking it...should I dare to watch it again I would be more angry
After, coming out my initial reaction was he fucked it all up and he was the biggest KAMINA as he cut the ass of viewers like me and made an illusion as the best movie of the year nope not you mister Vishal Bharadwaj. GULAAL is many notches higher as MOVIE of YEAR

RATING : 2/5

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