Thursday, August 11, 2011


Just watched it for the second time to understand the screenplay. The first time I did, i had to take a break but now I saw it in one go. The screenplay is simple, it does not have many scenes and is mostly shot interiors with the major part being the confrontations of the King and his speech therapist.

Ok to begin the review with, the first notice would go to art direction and sets as this is a period film and they are immaculate and beautiful. The performances surely top notch specifically of Geoffrey Rush who acted as speech therapist Lionel but the more tougher one was of the King, played by Colin Firth and he came out with flying colors delivering the act. He stammers so well. The camera work is simple, it remains faithful to the spirit if the film by not providing funky or exuberant angles but providing straight angles. The music direction has to be so much recommended as it brought back the Symphonies alive.

But yet, I have not discussed the part that is best about this, it is it's writing, the writing of screenplay and the direction of Tom Hooper who sticks strictly to what it is, The King's speech how he learnt to speak and propagate his voice. Though there is huge history at it's backdrop, be it the world war 2 time of time of great importance to England adding to the death of the earlier king and the heir who was given the thrown, abdicates it and thus the Duke of York as he was named at the beginning, takes over as the King of British.

His reluctance is well expressed and so is his anguish, he does not stammer when he sings or shouts and thats what is caught by his teacher and helps him.

Having said all that, it's not a movie of history or about speech therapy, it's a simple and well told of how a man overcame his misgiving and fought to stand erect. Though this is a great movie that is so absorbing, I doubt if it is the best one I saw in last year as it had been given numerous awards. Surely, Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush deserve acclaim.

Rating : 3/5. Will have a lasting impression but to go till the end, have patience please.

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