Sunday, August 14, 2011


A rarity of sorts a well told bollywood film

It comes as a surprise amid the badly told stories that have intent but no good narration in our hindi film industry. This one is a surely well narrated script that it's share of good moments and rarely something is off place and in fact not more than a couple. 

To begin with, its a story of a bunch of youngsters who are fighting there circumstances and want to get into better state where there is peace. One finds in books, other in getting rid of those who bother him and another in cricket practice. It's built on unrelated stories and is not connected either and that turns out to be a great plus. Seen movies in which a couple or more stories and knit for the climax but this has independent stories and thus climax is independent too. The backdrop and the day of the climax are set as Ganesh Navaratri, the most famous social festival that is also the abode of many crimes in cities. 

There is humor, violence and touch of sensitivity that brings in characters in a city that is considered to be busiest in India, its a living slice of Mumbai for sure.

The negative things is production value, the movie at times seems to ave misused the camera focus and also trying to use natural lighting only, it opens the aperture too wide of camera where is one shot, we see too much of direct sun light and in another, there is darkness among three characters that makes them obscure. 

Also, there is a tinge of simpleness too like in a scene, Tushar Kapoor is shot and no one cares and later he simply walks away. 

The most endearing personality in the movie was Mandook played by Pitobash Tripathy. Kudos to writers-directors for bringing light to such a smart script and to producers for giving this script the funds to make it to big screen. 

This one seems to have been lost amid the non-sense hindi films as it does not boast of stupendous publicity or star cast, it will still have its place in a viewer who likes original cinema.

My rating, 3/5.

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