Wednesday, August 10, 2011

RIO (2011) - ENGLISH

Fly Love. Fly Rio. The same flying tale told charmingly.

Yes, they seem to be inspired by PIXAR in animation and content too. PIXAR uses toys, cars, rats, monsters and these folks used birds. The content is simple, a bird has to find her home and has to get what it was deprived of, and that is it´s flight. Not revealing too much of a story here but yes, it´s worth a trip and I am sure that for most part we will be laughing on gags that we have seen earlier. What I think, they did is they took all the famous acts amalgamated them well and the concoction they ensured that was prepared was sweet.

Like one scene, where when the guy tries to drive a bike, he hits the wall and fell off while the girl starts it they fly in the air. A few scenes like the one in which Blue (our protagonist) reads books on how to fly and then prepares itself to takeoff creating a runway as if its an airplane. All these bring out laughs and make us happy. So surely this can be taken a ride for such moments that are many.

There is nothing as such jaw dropping or mind boggling in this animated film and its devoid of any surprise too with a pretty predictable storyline. Having said that, its surely watchable for its lovable characters and the wit and the charm (charm is subjective here, I found it charming and loving but others may find something else). The animation expectedly was top class and one scene in which the two birds go through Rio on a glider is where it brings in a 3D element.

Song, I loved is Fly Love and for this as a director, one needs a good vision.

Note : - I watched this is in Spanish without even subtitles so not sure what each character told each other exactly, but I could easily make out what was going through even then. This helped me learn that language is not barrier for content being shown.

A good watch after which I felt energetic its 3/5

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