Wednesday, August 10, 2011


A compelling modest family story.

It begins with a teenage girl and how her family is, its a story about a honest math professor and how he manages his family with a modest salary and without any additional pay. The modesty and the reality comes in many forms to the eyes of a viewer and moves many as most of our country have passed or passing through this phase and most of them do not know how to deal with middle class economy.

This professor is good at math and thus good at home economics too, but when a huge expense comes on his shoulders, the question whether you give away honesty or stick to it and tackle it being the same person. This is a film so he tackles it very well a there is a bit of fate too so that's just a part of it.

Now, it’s expected, no twists, a simple tale that too confines to one middle class family only. Who would buy such theme, but the script is very well knit with the relationships turning from sweet to sour to sweet and how they fumble at times and how the family copes with those too. Thanks producers for buying this script as it has made the whole movie worth a watch and thanks for Rishi Kapoor for showing us what it means to be a simple man with all eccentricities controlled.

The most prominent thing is the chemistry between Rishi and Neetu Kapoor who has just translated their real life chemistry to reel and have brought it out so well that for the most part I forgot their real names too.

The other most important thing is the costumes and the art direction, the locales are so natural that you can feel being at a home amidst known acquaintances. It took me to a known world where people were behaving as they should and as expected.

And the winner is the script that came out so well with a theme that could have easily faltered if not enacted or directed well.

All kudos to the director and writer Habib Faisal, man you have brought an earnest and a worthy winner in times where people look for quick money and values seem to be fading.

This movie deserves a watch and such themes be brought out more.

My rating is 4/5 for one of the best movies of year that brings tears of joy at the climax.

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