Wednesday, August 10, 2011


An immaculately made robbery movie

I knew Kubrick as a man with surpassing amount of vision that shall overpower any kind of human imagination. Be it Barry Lyndon or A Clockwork Orange everything has to be immaculate and at the same time engaging and the feeling at the end of it all should be 'I need more' and The Killing was a beginning of a new vision called Kubrick.

It's a simple tale about planning of robbery but it's so well made that it is gripping and exhilarating. There are stereotypes for most part that have to do their role as specified by the leader of the Mob and he too acts out his part well but what is captivating is not the characteristics or characters but the motive and how they achieve it.

The art direction is superb and so is the cinematography the editing so precise that any frame if removed makes the movie bland but all said and done above all the screenplay is what has to be appreciated and awarded. A scene even though comes multiple times has different perspectives of different characters and that’s what makes it special. Mind you its made in 1956 where the classic format is still at the helm as there was no Nolan or Kaufman yet but this was an attempt that was so convincingly made that the conviction of Kubrick must be more than commended or lauded it should actually be rewarded while ironically it did not get even nominated. Which means probably of the quality of movies being made at that time?

Having said all the above, the movie ends in a silly way, an altercation about a suitcase and then the dog's hit and run case. Yes, this was the humorous part I believe.

It's a not to be missed out thriller that's simple yet engaging surely watch it for Kubrick's vision. It's 4/5.

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