Friday, August 19, 2011


Originally Written 5th November 2009

In my childhood, I was told that when a cloud is moving, it doesn't know where is it destined to but knows that it's on the move.

Yes, it's a non living thing from which an abstraction can be taken but there are many many clouds in the world that wander aimlessly and squander time ruthlessly. And I, what am I doing but writing a blog on those souls. I am on the move , wait I am on what? I am on move, what move? Where I am headed to? Oh, oh its a nowhere to many its a land of doom for some who do not have the gut to write a script of their own lives.

I begged God for a job, he gave me and I am doing it and I am earning a 50K man, I am happy now, it's the best gift. Have you met people like these, and look up to them? Think that man he is rocking. He has got quick promotions, does everything right. Yes they are great but are they greater to you who want to write your own script of life. I don't think so.

The most important being in the world is yourself, it's I for me. I am the king, the minister, the slave for myself and not to anyone else. To do a job is in a sense submission of yourself to an authority. I hate that part of it and keeps you safe but not moving. So to move, one must have faith in one's own spirit that stands for himself and convinces his own conviction. It might take him to that glorious shine or that darkness but nevertheless makes him walk. So move, with your damn conviction and thats the only path to tranquility.

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