Friday, August 19, 2011


Saw this long pending film that had been kept aside as I believed that this would have been a monotonous account of Hitler. But finally, did see it coz I had wanted to write something on a revolt. 

Now this film, adds nothing much in terms of differentiating hitler and neither does it portrays him in a sympathetic, empathetic light and thus the monotony still prevails. This gruesome criminal still is shown in the same light of what he have learnt of him since our childhood. Having said that, it brings in a closer perspective of him from the witness of Frau Junge who worked as his secretary in the last days. She seems to have had great belief in Hitler and that even in the hopeless days, expects Hitler to turn the tide and bring a win to Germany. The monster only in few scenes is humane but again when he utters that he is proud of the Jewish killings, the monter returns.

Admiration I do have on the account that it so grippingly presented with so many characters all have a different view on many things and letting us know few unknown german history things. We know the end, its a matter of time for that to be shown as  well but the way it was done and the entire movie was shot is commendable.

More than anything, I have not seen a better portrayal of Hitler in any film till date and also never saw a better gripping depiction of the world war specifically final days of the war. I can clearly say this coz neither I paused nor got bored at any instance all through the film and watched it in one go.

This deserves a watch to see how it is enacted by all the actors and for the profound authenticity that clearly depicts how germany really was. All the technical departments did their job well.
It's 4/5 from me for a really well made film that despite having monotony to it, was showed in a tight vein.

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