Wednesday, August 24, 2011


A movie that begins with the line "Dream is Destiny" ought to be compelling and thought provoking and so that's what Waking Life is.

It's a hugely compelling and thought provoking movie without doubt and it makes us ask very very poignant questions that we have even forgot asking ourselves or anyone around. As we grow and get lost in the crowd we tend to keep away from the philosophy of life and seek only materialistic things, the money, the name, the prosperity while our purpose of existence and purpose of doing something still remains in question. 

We tend not to do a few things as we grow up due to fear and few things remain undone because of our laziness which essentially means that we are taking life for granted we are becoming complacent and certain of a tomorrow and even tomorrow we might not do it. That's just a part of this movie where i's said. 

There are many dialogues and of course this movie is nothing but dialogue driven, acting scope is minimal as it's a love action movie that makes you feel at first a bit bizarre coz it's neither animated nor a normal film and we are not used to this kind of presentation. 

If anything then it's editing and the animation that I restrict the technical departments to with art direction that will help what has to be there in the scene figuring out and all are apt. But I love the dialogue more than anything else. Be it a conversation of a couple, a interview on TV or in theatre, a monologue in jail, they are so prominent and one after another they keep the mind on the run and if there are questions that will run through the mind as we see it as ' what are we doing?,what are we here for? what is life after all?' I never get even for a split second what is the plot of the movie, what is it's story who are the characters and what are their motives, these things are not important here.

It's terribly difficult to comprehend what it feels like after watching this movie except that as and when I watch it I just feel so happy and relieved but stil questions keep boggling. I am very grateful to Richard Linklater  the writer director of the movie for giving this film. It's one of the best gifts I had. 

It's 5/5 for the most thought provoking movie ever that I saw. I saw it precisely 5 times all my life and will surely watch many more times as this movie has to be experienced and can't be just seen and forgot, you need to keep asking the questions.

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