Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Joy in letting things fold has not been better for a long time now.

This was one joy ride. It made me delve, right from the word go and by the time it was over. I was wondering, so soon? Bring it on, once more.
I couldn't comprehend some nuances of it so surely will go for it again.

This is a great multi-genre embedded fun, and technically encompasses great movies made in CGI. But the best lies in the writing, the screenplay, the mis-en scene technique that evolved in earlier Nolan's movies has come to the full flow here with one in one and in another thing, three things happen at once with the time duration being different for each occurrence.

The music, the cinematography, the audiography and the acting all were just in place but above all comes screenplay writing and the editing, it did not give me a moment to shake my head and when I did, I felt I missed an important thing. It's a personal movie to me as it made me revive the memories of dream in which I saw almost 120 years of happenings in a couple of hours sleep way back in 2002. Oh, what a scary dream it was.

Just dive and surf into the ocean of dreams made by inception and it's worth it.

Thanks Nolan for this. It's 5/5.

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