Sunday, August 14, 2011


First day of office, KASI got ready quickly, he was very very tidy as if he was a professional in getting ready though it was his first job. He got into the office bus as everybody did. While getting down he saw a girl standing alone on the footpath. Sharp nose, tender and thin lips, broad forehead, big and dark eyes as those of a fish, silky hair, it was a bit brownish; the cheeks were very much dimpled. She was having a fair complexion and she had the right composure and was such great looking that never would there be anyone who can miss admiring her wherever she is. "She is awesome", KASI told his friend BHARAT. He used to see her almost every day and every time he saw her, his impression grew on her. He termed her as the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.

One day he got to sit beside her in the bus while coming back from office. "MAHESWARI", one of her friends called. KASI who was sitting beside was excited in knowing her name; it seemed to be his happiest moment ever. He saw her days passed in fact weeks and months; KASI never spoke to her but admired her beauty all the time.

One day while in office KASI decided to speak to her and reveal his admiration towards her. He took BHARAT along with him to meet her. She was having lunch with some of her friends. He admired her like the beauty in the world and moved towards her. She laughed at her friends joke, KASI stood still he did not make a move "How can this happen? A girl who is so beautiful cannot become ugly when she opens her mouth. Look at the teeth they are the ugliest and she looks so ugly. This is the most drastic change I have ever seen" KASI told BHARAT. He walked back disappointed.

The next day KASI observed the notice as he did every day, it was written "Condolences to MAHESWARI" below her photo. When inquired, KASI came to know that she died in a road accident the previous day.

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