Wednesday, August 10, 2011


My favourite Movie till Date.

This is my first movie I am going to review coz this is the movie that changed my view my aim and defined me. It is the most special movie for me.
It's the story of a jobless poet Vijay (Guru Dutt). His anguish his pain his hope and his wish for a better world. His vision is what is depicted. It's a vision of every true poet and its the pain that he has seen made him a better poet. He wants his poems to be published and they will never be taken by the publishers.

No, no the story shall not be revealed but I would like to discuss the characters and the technicalities involved in the movie.

Characters are endearing and realistic and relatable too. I can identify myself with Vijay, an abandoned poet. And putting myself in each one's shoes I realized that the way the character reacted, I too would react in the same way. The acting is just top notch with Waheeda Rehman playing Gulab, Mala Sinha playing Meena, Rehman playing Ghosh all are remarkable in performances.

Abrar Alvi's dialogue, S D Burman's music and Sahir Ludhianvi's poetry (no not lyrics it is poetry of a very high degree) complement the magnanimous vision of Guru Dutt. And everything is perfect.

Right from first frame till the very end, each frame seems to have a meaning much greater than I could comprehend. The lighting and the visuals just suit the vision and thus give a feel into the psyche of each character.

Damn it. I am not reviewing, I am just praising it and no praise how great is equal than this movie being watched many times over.

Rating: 5/5

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