Saturday, August 20, 2011


The only predictable thing in life is it's unpredictability, a dialogue in this movie stands so true to the spirit of Ratatouille.

A rat loves food, wants to become a chef so to have better food and does. Now this storyline is showed in the best way it could have been. The backdrop is chosen to be Paris, the best place where lifestyle is on top, and food is a priority. And rats which in actuality I suppose are few in number in the city are shown to be thieves and one of them who has a certain sense wants to have it the best way possible that is to cook.

Written and Directed by Brad Bird this is one of the best stories to come on screen. The music too complements the screenplay and thats why I believe academy has awarded them with oscars.

Many things can be learnt from this, how defiance helps even when the chips are down, how selfishness to have the best quality to one self in turn may help others but ultimately it satisfies because it's done for self and not for others. But yeah this being a film we may demean them as life is still a different ball game altogether.

One of the best movies of the decade and it's 5/5.

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